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We pride ourselves in being great teachers, patient companions and love to share our knowledge of fishing the emerald waters of the Colorado.

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Terry Gunn

Born and raised on an Oklahoma farm, Terry was always fishing in one of the local creeks, rivers or ponds. In the 1960s, Terry’s grandfather built a cabin in Taylor Park, Colorado and Terry spent his early years walking the high mountain streams watching his fly fishing mentor cast a Montague cane fly rod to rising fish. Every summer Terry still walks the same streams casting the same rod followed by his son, Troy.

Terry is co-owner and founder of Lees Ferry Anglers and Cliff Dwellers Lodge. Terry has been a full-time fishing guide since 1983 and is an internationally recognized fly fishing expert, author, photographer, and speaker. In 1986, he co-founded Crystal Creek Lodge, considered by many to be one of Alaska’s finest fly-out fishing lodges. He is a consultant to several leading manufactures of fly fishing equipment and fishing lodges. He has held or holds 10 IGFA world records, all on fly rod for both fresh and saltwater.

Terry’s wildlife and fly fishing photographs have appeared in most all of the outdoor magazines as well as books, journals, newspapers, calendars, and brochures. He is a recognized author and has published many technical as well as destination fly fishing articles for several magazines.

Terry and his wife Wendy are the co-hosts of Fly Fish Television Magazine, an educational fly fishing show that has aired on Fox Sports National and International, and the Outdoor Channel. Terry was the photography host for the television series, America’s Outdoor Journal. In addition, he has appeared on scores of other fly fishing shows including In Search of Fly Waters, Fly Fishing the World, Fly Fishing America and Fly Fishing Video Magazine.

He and Wendy have authored two best-selling fly fishing titles, 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish and 25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish, which features some of the most notable names and destinations in fly fishing. In addition, they are principals in Stonefly Press, the publisher of 50 Best Tailwaters and numerous other fly fishing titles.

For Terry, guiding is all about people. Whether it’s seeing someone click with their cast for the first time, gazing up at the vast canyon walls, or catching their first fish, it makes everything he does more than worthwhile.

Jeff English

Growing up in the rural Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Jeff English began fishing with his grandfather before he even attended school. His enthusiasm for the outdoors led him to Flagstaff, Ariz., where college took a backseat to the light-powder skiing of the west coast. It became a lifestyle for Jeff, who made it to the mountain over 100 days a year for the next several years.

He discovered Lees Ferry in 1978 and has been fishing here ever since. His love for this amazing fishery is probably exemplified most by the calendars he single-handedly photographed and published in 1990 and ’91. He also designed and published the first comprehensive river map of the Lees Ferry section of the Colorado river. After 10 years of guiding, Jeff was invited to become a partner with Lees Ferry Anglers in 2000.

Jeff’ also guided for No See Um Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska for four seasons. As an Alaskan Guide, he focused on the 30+ inch wild rainbows that region of Alaska is known for. During that time, Jeff guided more than 250 days a year between Alaska and Lees Ferry.

Some of Jeff’s accomplishments include photos and articles that have appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, and Trout Unlimited. He also hosted television shows with Jim and Kelly Watt for Fly Fishing Video Magazine.

Jeff also has volunteered countless days of his own time representing the recreational benefits of Lees Ferry as a stakeholder for the Adaptive Management Working Group. His participation to this cause has provided valuable information for the science community to understand the ecology of the fishery known as Lees Ferry.

With an excess of 3,000 days guiding combined with his sales experience, you have a professional who knows how to sell fun in a truly beautiful setting. He works well with everyone, from the experts to the first timers, and is one great teacher.

Skip Dixon

The youngest of five siblings, Skip Dixon has been fishing since he could walk and talk. Born and raised in Manassas, Va., with what he calls a “water-oriented family,” Skip joined the Marine Corps where he served in security forces.

Skip has been guiding at Lees Ferry since 1999, also and avid saltwater and accomplished bass angler.

Besides fishing, Skip has a worked for several years in the fishing retail business. He spent the summer of 2003 guiding in Alaska as a fly-out guide specializing in sight casting for trout. He has been featured in several magazines and is acknowledged for developing the “tease and switch” technique for fly fishing Lake Powell striped bass.

Skip loves to teach people the finer art of fly fishing. He feels that watching people develop their skills is the most rewarding aspect of his job. Skip has appeared on Fly Fish TV, filmed at Less Ferry with Terry and Wendy Gunn. Skip has also now been selected to represent Simms as a guide ambassador, hand-picked as one of the top guides in his field.

Natalie Jensen

Natalie’s passion for fishing was born while spending summers with her grandparents in the mountains of northeastern Utah. Her dream to become a guide began when she got a job at the fly shop here at Lees Ferry in 1995.

Inspired by co-owner Wendy Gunn, Natalie jumped into a pair of waders and picked up the fly rod. Her journey to guiding began as she continued to work in the fly fishing industry with the Gunns and their dedicated guides. She was later hired on as a guide here at Lees Ferry in 2006.

Natalie has a pure love for the nature of it all; tying, casting, gear, the flies, the water, the sun, and the fish, of course. She has a strong desire for helping guests and fishers with the art of fly fishing at Lees Ferry.

Tyson Warren

A native of Flagstaff, Ariz., Tyson has been fishing the waters of northern Arizona and the Four Corner states for most of his life. Fishing and camping with his dad nearly every available weekend gave him a deep passion for the sport.

Tyson is a 30-year Air Force veteran, and always wanted to guide since his retirement. His exploits have sent him all over the world and provided an opportunity to fish on several different continents while serving his country.

Tyson is back to guiding year-round at Lees Ferry. His love of fly fishing is contagious and his customers return year after year to fish with Tyson for a reason…they love his style!

Kevin Campbell

Born and raised in Tucson, Ariz., Kevin grew up with a love for the outdoors, gems and minerals, nature and fishing. He continued his passion for fishing by joining a local bass club and later the Tucson chapter of Trout Unlimited. Through trips with his mentors, he fished many western trout waters including Lees Ferry. Kevin has spent over 2 decades guiding at Lees Ferry and started countless novices on the path to a lifelong pursuit of fly fishing.

He looks at fly fishing as an art form and truly enjoys sharing his art with his clients. Kevin loves the artistry of the cast and presentation, and has fished in many western states while chasing trout with the fly rod as well as many saltwater fly fishing destinations around North America.

An accomplished photographer, Kevin spends much of his free time chasing the light, Nikon in hand. For Kevin, Lees Ferry is a unique and remarkably beautiful place to not only fish but to experience. He has filmed 3 episodes of Jarrett Edwards Outdoors at Lees Ferry airing on World Fishing Network and Sportsman Channel. Kevin has 2 beautiful daughters born and raised in our beautiful northern AZ. Kevin enjoys the lasting relationships with clients as they chase beautiful rainbow trout in Glen Canyon.

Scott Keller

Scott Keller’s fly-fishing history ranges from the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park – where he caught his first fish on a fly as a child – to living in the Florida Keys to guiding, Argentina, Enchanted Lake Lodge in Alaska, the Ponoi in Russia, Michigan, Mongolia, the Seychelles and Silver Creek in Idaho.  Impressive?  Wait until you meet him!

Along the way, Scott set two IGFA World Records and proudly notes that a guiding client caught the biggest brown trout on a flyrod ever recorded.

Scott is a lifelong fly-fisher, expert boat handler, great story-teller, consummate guide and proud father of three daughters.   He is passionate about the remarkable Colorado River and Lees Ferry’s year-around fishery, its ecology and beauty.

With the grin of a well-seasoned angler, Scott confided, “As a lifelong fly-fishing guide, I have met so many fun and interesting people.  Now, I’m looking forward to meeting many more and sharing with them the important things that life has to offer at Lees Ferry.”

Chris Wilson

Growing up in Flagstaff Arizona, Chris started fishing with his brothers as a kid for every species they could find and quickly discovered the art of fly fishing. As a self taught fly fisherman, Chris learned to fly fish on small spring creeks sight casting dry flys for spooky Brown Trout. He then spent the next 10 years trying to master the sport in pursuit of Trout, Bass and Pike, fishing the norther Arizona and four corners region including Lees Ferry. Fly Fishing is as much of an art to him as it is a sport. He loves to help people learn all aspects of the sport from fly casting to reading water. Enjoys working with beginners to experienced fisherman, focusing on helping them to learn something new and exciting. “Chris’s youthful energy and enthusiasm for fly fishing is contagious to his customers and the other guides.” Says Terry Gunn. “Spend the day with Chris and you will become a regular customer.” He lives in marble canyon and spends his free time on the river with his dog Tux and traveling to fish in new places.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a guided trip?

You will be on the river for approximately 8½ hours. We only do full day expeditions.

How do I make a reservation?

Easy. Call us at 1-800-962-9755 to inquire about our availability. We are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

Is this wading or from a boat?

Both. Your guide will take you upriver on their boat. Depending on the flow rate and fishing conditions, you may be doing either, or a combination of the two. If you have a physical condition that prevents you from wading or prefer to fish out of the boat we can do that.

Do I have the guide all to myself?

Yes. Even if you come by yourself.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing a few items, listed here.

Can somebody ride along?

Yes.  For a non-fishing guest there will be an additional fee of $20, which includes a lunch for the rider.

Do you provide rods?

If you do not own your own flyrod, no worries. Our guides all have extra rods that you may use for your guided trip.

What type of boats?

All of our guides have 20-foot Koflers with an inboard 8 cylinder motor and a jet pump. These boats are all covered and very comfortable. Your guide is also a licensed Coast Guard Captain.

Do I need to bring Lunch?

Lunch is included in the guide package. You are however more than welcome to bring any snacks. The guide will have plenty of room on the boat. If you have any special dietary needs please let the shop know at least 24 hours before your trip. You are responsible to bring any beverages. You can bring your own cooler or the guide will have plenty of room in his cooler.

What type of fishing?

Primarily nymphing, but we also frequently use a dry and a dropper. You may be fishing from the boat, or wading from the shore, which will be determined by current fishing conditions and water levels.

Can I spin fish?

Yes. Just let us know. Spin fishing is very productive on the river. However, we encourage you to keep in mind that this would be an excellent opportunity to learn how to fly fish if you have never done so in the past and you have the desire.

What type of fish and what size?

Rainbow Trout. The average size of these trout is determined by fishing conditions, or the time of year. Expect fish anywhere from 12 to 17-inches. These fish are all healthy and strong.

Any big fish?

Definitely. Once you are upriver and you stare into the crystal clear water of our fishery, you will most likely see some rainbow trout that you could spend your entire day chasing and trying to catch. On some days, you might be lucky.

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