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The difference between a good nymph fisherman and a great nymph fisherman is usually about one splitshot.

Never Test the Depth of a River with both feet.

A fly in the air never catches a fish. Keep that fly in the water where it belongs.

Don't worry about your slack line...a fish that you are going to want on the reel is going to get you there.

Your brain is 80% water. This river is 100% water. I don't know what that means exactly, but now you know.

There are PERFECT dead drifts and then there are ALL other drifts.

Always dip your rod to a jumping fish.

The person who says that you never need to cast more than 40-ft...can't.

Time On the Water Equals Fish..the late Denny Breer.

Keep all Space Heaters and toasters Away from the River While they are Operational.

Bright colored fly lines catch fishermen...not fish.

Support your local fly shop or they will go away.

Take all flies out of you back pocket before you sit down.

Turn off all ceiling fans before entering a room and carrying a bunch of fly rods...experience speaking.

Work doesn't.

There's no such thing as too many fly rods.

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